Why our well-being is almost never at 100% despite our "immune system"

Special editorial by Joanna Sullivan, Senior Editor
"I tried this to find out how much toxins are trapped in the body"

It's really sad that lots of products in today's market don't work as they should.

So we all got very skeptical about buying stuff on the internet these days.

Yet, and sadly…

This habit may prevent us from noticing when a truly helpful product is released in the market.

And because good products are like two in every ten…

People may never hear about these admirable products... except by accident.

And that's what happened to Julia back in Georgia.

Julia's story

Julia and her husband are one of the biggest fans of this new product, a simple detox foot pad.

When a product priced this low helps you relieve pain while improving your health overall…

You can't help but become a self-appointed advocate for the company.

"A few months ago I was at the bitterest point of my life." Julia says. "I fell down in January 2020, just before the lockdowns gained full effect."

"I fell and sprained my legs trying to catch myself. I am a heavy woman. Later that night I woke up with Charlie horses that affected my veins." She said.

A Charlie Horse is a muscle spasm, a situation when a muscle contracts without your control and refuses to relax. Extremely painful to experience.

She continued, "I could not get any comfort. My sweet husband rubbed my feet with muscle relaxer cream. No relief. It was one of those situations where you can't think clearly because of the pain. I already had an issue with sleeping, and the pain made matters worse. I stayed up all night, sobbing my heart out."

The next day my good neighbor visited and recommended these foot detox pads. She explained that those pads cause the trapped toxins in the body to give way.

That it is a more natural and easy way to help the body heal than to take pills.

By pulling out as many toxins as possible from your body, it helps the body to heal injuries faster... and you'll have more available energy.

"The idea was very silly to me.

But if you've been in deep pain... you know you'll try any solution that may help.


My husband ordered a month's supply ($55) of Bandoo detox foot pads and put one pad on each foot for the night.

It felt warm and that was the only thing I remember... because I was fast asleep in five minutes. My husband told me how relieved he was, that I looked so peaceful.

When I woke up, the cramps were reduced…

You know how you instinctively expect that first shot of pain as you rise from sleep?

I only felt a mild tinge and my feet seem to be getting stronger and healthier.


The pads were… Yuck!

So slimy and gross from the toxins it supposedly pulled out of my body.

I couldn't wrap my head around what happened to me... and how the product worked. I AM very pleased about this product."

Julia's story isn't the only one!

Thousands of people are buying and commenting on these detox foot pads.

Generally, people experience varying results… but all are raving about Bandoo.

Which makes sense again when you think about it.

These footpads help to pull out toxins from the body...

And the amount and kinds of toxins trapped in our bodies are different since we eat different foods, drink all kinds of water and breathe various degrees of polluted air.

Some of them in very little 'nano' quantities… but enough to destabilize the body and make us sick.

These toxins are bad news for our body.

Yet generally, almost everyone after a week's use of Bandoo detox foot pads… say they now get better sleep, increased energy and overall better health using these pads.

Which again makes sense.

Without toxins to 'fight' and force out of the system…

Your body is better able to work the way it is designed... release more energy from the food you eat... spend a lot more time actually resting and not fighting stuff when you sleep… increasing your energy reserves and the overall quality of your sleep.

But the pads pull toxin through the feet and unto the pads.

Why through the feet? And how does it work?

The Bandoo foot patch is a pad that's imbued with a specially formulated blend of natural herbs and vitamins... that work together to draw out impurities and toxins through the soles of the feet.

Through the soles because the researchers found that each foot contains over 250,000 sweat glands that secrete half a pint of fluid every day.

It's the fluid that gives off that stinky odor when it accumulates in shoes. There is very deep science behind this.

Place each pad on the soles of your feet (ideally at night) and remove them in the morning. The activated blend will activate while sleep and suck toxins.

Those bad toxins then finish at the pad... which behold when you wake up.

Beware, you may be looking at very gross stuff!

The level of discoloration usually differs. And it reduces with use till all impurities are drawn out from the body.

What's the explanation for those that don't experience any improvement?

If you recently had a full body detox…

Or you've been eating the cleanest food and breathing the purest air (which is almost impossible today with all the food processing)…

Then you may not experience a major improvement in your body.

In that case Bandoo will refund your purchase 100% with sincere apologies for wasting your time!

Where can you get a Bandoo detox foot pad?

Try Bandoo if experiencing excessive tiredness, pain especially on the limbs) or any other symptom that makes life difficult.

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